There are times when we, as a business, know the message we want to say, however we’re not quite sure how to deliver it…

Once we have perfected our message and are ready to communicate it to our target audience, how do we stand out, impress them and make sure they remember the message?

WifiPak is a new and impressive marketing product from Fuse Innovation (formerly amstore) that allows you to deliver rich digital content to smart devices that are within range. It integrates Wifi technology with print and packaging and has many great content delivery uses.

See some ideas below for high impact Direct Mail and Target Marketing

* Marketing Communications
* Invitations
* Education & training
* Announcements
* Company messages
* Product information
* Pitches

WifiPak allows you to combine the physical (print & packaging) with the digital (technology) allowing you to communicate with your entire audience.

To use WifiPak to deliver your next marketing message and engage with your audience in a fresh and dynamic way, contact the Amstore sales team today.