…(come on give it a try) and embrace your inner child! Ok, we haven’t lost our minds, let us explain!

In general toddlers, threenagers , little ones, kids, infants call them what you wish can have quite a bag reputation for melting down. Be it that toy they want, the wrong plate at dinner time or leaving the park it is exhausting! However when it comes to customer engagement, brands could learn a lot from these tantrum-throwing toddlers.

Little ones have certain personality traits that could really help your company’s customer engagement approach.
1. They know how to demand your attention

If a toddler is being ignored do they just sit back quietly? NO WAY! They kick. They scream. They shout. They cry very loud. They cause mass disruption in innovative ways. They ensure their message is heard and remembered.

2. They are not afraid to ask ‘why’ (again and again and again)

A toddler’s favourite question is, “Why?” “Why are we going there? Why are we going this way? Why can’t I have that? Why? Why? Why?” It can drive us parents crazy however ‘why’ is a really important question to remind yourself why you are trying to engage with your target audience.

Why have we chosen this content? Why do we need to engage and interact? Why do we need to impress?

3. They have amazing imaginations

Tube and bus journey to adults is slow, hot and busy. To toddlers they’re super exciting and a fun way to explore, discover and travel. Toddlers are able to find fun in everyday activities and remain positive. This kind of attitude can help you to produce your most engaging and interactive content delivery the next time you need to prepare for a marketing campaign.

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