Why It Is SO Important To Engage And Interact With Your Target Audience

Interactivity allows clients to make the most of the marketing experience available to them by allowing them to interpret content in the ways that best suit their interests. Interactive marketing materials deliver far more interesting and appealing messages than more traditional marketing formats and are far more successful in capturing your audience’s attention. By creating an exciting piece of direct marketing, you can ensure that you stand out from the crowd and offer a competitive edge over your rivals, encouraging maximum consumer engagement.
By utilising a marketing tool that is interactive and engaging, brands are forming stronger relationships with their clients and helping to create increased brand awareness.
Engaging with clients instantly and interactively is essential in any successful and dynamic company’s marketing strategy. In today’s busy work environments, clients have very little time to take in and understand marketing messages. Capturing and holding your clients’ attention whilst standing out in a crowded market place is key to generating and maintaining a strong brand position.

Targeting the five senses in your marketing campaign is necessary for maximum engagement.

Marketing that uses physical promotional products offline is the only marketing technique that allows you to place your brand directly in your clients’ hands and reach all five of their senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. With a better understanding of how the senses can enhance your clients’ engagement with a product comes a whole new range of creative possibilities. Research shows that 60% of consumers choose a particular brand when it is successful in engaging with four to five of their senses (Contact magazine 2009).
Understanding the mind-set of your target audience is paramount to ensure that your marketing solutions appeal to them. 
Targeting as many of the five senses as possible through your marketing, i.e. the touch, colours, sound and video message should be a key priority in your next marketing campaign.
These elements can help bring your consumer closer to your brand and by activating the senses you can deliver greater results.

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