There are many new engaging and interactive innovative marketing technology formats available within direct mail such as QR codes, NFC, RFID, BLE, USB web-keys, video brochures and audio, LED and solar technologies fused into print. Many of these tech in print solutions offer unique features such as trackability and analytics to allow the sender to monitor client interactivity and behaviour. This enables companies and brands to successfully measure the ROI and profitability of each marketing campaign.

These marketing formats are modern, cost effective and reusable, adding real value to a direct mail campaign.
The latest technology formats allow marketers to create personalised brand communications that combine the touch and feel of printed paper with smart, interactive and engaging technology that can increase online traffic. Interactivity and engagement are two of the most powerful tools in the modern marketing mix, and by including these tech in print formats you are ensuring maximum engagement with your target audience.

The main objectives of modern technology marketing are that by creating an impact and engaging with your audience you are encouraging interactivity – this will ensure that your audience listens to the core marketing message and follows the call to action.

Royal Mail MarketReach research has shown that when consumers want to engage with a brand they like to have the choice of how they do this.
Communications are absorbed in different ways depending on where the consumer is, what they are doing and what the purpose of the message is.
Over 51% of customers prefer companies to use a combination of both physical and digital mail.  65% like to browse both the catalogue and online before making a purchase. 

A combination of physical and digital is vital to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

To discover which of our physical – digital combination formats are best suited to your next marketing campaign contact our Fuse Innovation Sales Team.