There are seven days of the week, seven colours in the rainbow, seven seas and seven continents.

Do you know which marketing tool produces 7 times more responses than all other marketing channels combined and produces the best ROI, in line with social media?

Answer: Direct Mail

International studies conducted in 2015 for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) , of which Amstore Innovation is a member, have shown this compelling fact and that direct mail is not a marketing tool of the past, but a relevant and essential part of today’s brand marketing strategies.

Many companies have directed their focus from direct mail to digital marketing, a key trend in today’s fast and modern marketing campaigns however it begs the question why put all your eggs in one marketing basket?

Digital marketing is a fantastic format for allowing you to communicate with your target audience, especially through the many social media platforms available. However, direct mail sent through the post remains a very successful physical marketing communication tool that can influence the recipient to make an impulsive decision and follow the direct CTA (call to action).

Both of these marketing techniques have advantages that enable you to personally engage with your target audience, increase brand awareness and connect on an emotional level.

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