Using iBeacons as part of your marketing campaign to help deliver content to people’s smart devices can be a frustratingly complicated, expensive and time consuming experience.

The easy part is purchasing the beacon hardware itself. There are several options out there for the beacons alone. However, the development and coding around the beacon is extremely complex; a real headache.  For many companies, this has made the iBeacon experience a difficult and tedious purchase.

The beautiful thing about Live Beacon is that the solution is incredibly simple. Our intention is to keep everything about our iBeacons really straight forward, painless and easy to use. No more iBeacon related headaches!

In three simple steps you can achieve success in deploying an iBeacon solution:

  1. Decide how many portable, wireless Live Beacon’s you would like and make your purchase.
  2. Receive your Live Beacon devices complete with remote log in access to the Live Beacon portal and, at your convenience, update the URL for the web-content you wish your target audience to receive.
  3. Position the Live Beacon devices in your chosen locations and encourage your target audience to download the Live Beacon App so they can receive the content and interact on their smart devices.

That’s it! It really is that simple.

  • No fuss
  • No extra costs
  • No SDKs
  • No developers
  • No app related stress
  • No headaches

If you’re interested in investing in this new and innovative marketing solution to push content onto peoples mobiles and to track your client engagement, please contact the Amstore Innovation sales team today.