…be sure to keep things simple yet impressive with engaging and interactive direct marketing solutions.

Interactivity and engagement are two of the most powerful tools in the modern marketing mix, and by including innovative tech in print formats you are ensuring maximum engagement with your important target audience.
The main objectives of modern technology marketing are that by creating an impact and engaging with your audience you are encouraging interactivity – this will ensure that your audience listens to the core marketing message and follows the call to action.

Using targeted direct marketing can be a successful marketing platform to help you find new customers, gain more attention from existing customers and grow your business. By using direct marketing products, you can engage and interact with your target audience and offer a competitive edge, help increase online traffic, show your clients you value them, increase brand awareness and deliver important content in style.

There are three key points to consider when using direct mail in your marketing campaign…

1) Who is your target audience?

2) What are you going to say to them?

3) What do you want them to do once engaging with your message?

By knowing and understanding both your target audience, you can avoid wasted resources and increase your response rate by targeting your message directly to the right people.
The latest tech in print solutions allow you to create personalised brand communications that combine the touch and feel of printed paper with smart, interactive and engaging technology that can increase online traffic and general interactivity.

Here at Fuse Innovation, we believe we are the best destination for the most creative, engaging and interactive tech in print products available.
Our extensive library of creative marketing tech + print products includes VideoPak, Live Beacon, WiFiPak, Digital Key, Led-in-Print, Audio-in-print, NFC, DSD Box, CD DVD Vinyl, Custom USBs, ePaper and Solar in Print. Our clients use our solutions when they need their message to be seen and retained.

Many of these tech in print solutions offer unique features such as trackability and analytics to allow the sender to monitor client interactivity and behaviour. This enables companies and brands to successfully measure the ROI and profitability of each marketing campaign.

Our Fuse Sales Team can help brighten your future marketing campaign and deliver your direct marketing in style.