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Welcome to the interactive or world of Tap or Scan, the sticker that allows you to digitise anything. 

Tap or Scan is a tech-infused NFC & QR Code sticker that can be stuck anywhere or to anything.

When tapped or scanned with a smartphone, it launches a web page.

What is Tap or Scan?

Tap or Scan is an innovative product development by Fuse Innovation.

It provides users with a direct route to get from a physical product (or place) to a corresponding online web page using their smartphone.


    What does it do?

     When the sticker is tapped or scanned by a smartphone, a web-page automatically launches with no need to download an app (in most cases).


    • Further reading
    • Find out more
    • Information / specs
    • video content
    • Brand / company history
    • Competition entry
    Handi SOS Open Box - Tap-or-Scan

    How does it work?

    Each Tap or Scan sticker is serialised and is coded with unique PURLs to the QR code and NFC that both launch the same web page.

    The URL can be remotely updated via the online cloud portal which also provides analytics so you can measure the interactivity and performance of the Tap or Scan stickers.

    When tapped or scanned, the URL launch is quickly routed via our online portal to capture the interaction for the reporting platform.

    The Sticker

    Affix them anywhere

    A proprietary product that uses the combined contactless tech of serialised and uniquely coded NFC and QR codes.

      image 1 - Tap-or-Scan
      Mockup - Tap-or-Scan
      qr - Tap-or-Scan

      The Cloud Portal

      The power is in the portal.
      A cloud dashboard allows you to remotely update the URLs so you can change the launching web page and also measure interactivity via analytics.

      This makes the stickers reusable for multi-use and allows you to see the performance of your tags and track if the tag was tapped or scanned? How many times? Where and when?

        blue and green pie chart 97080 1 - Tap-or-Scan
        person holding chart and bar graph 669612 - Tap-or-Scan
        top view of people at the meeting 3184287 - Tap-or-Scan

        Why Tap or Scan?

        You know how you might have a product on display and you want enable potential buyers to find out more or see it in action…

        Well our tags help make this possible.

        There are millions of products out there on display for people to see. But how do you easily get people online to explore more?  In today’s world of contactless engagement, how do you get people online to interact with you quickly and efficiently?

        With our stickers, users can simply Tap or Scan with their smartphone and they will be taken directly to a web page.


        honk tap and pay nfc parking - Tap-or-Scan

        What makes Tap or Scan so cool?

        It provides companies a cost-effective, quick and easy way for their target audience to interact online with a physical product.

        It uses familiar technology (tap or scan) allowing people to deep-dive online.

        It solves the problem of the physical digital divide (getting people online), providing a seamless bridge from physical to digital. There is no app to download (for most phones) so low barrier for use. The tech is already built in to most modern day smartphones and ready to use out of the box

        1.Novel Unique - Tap-or-Scan

        Novel / Unique

        4.Safeguarding - Tap-or-Scan


        7.Free App - Tap-or-Scan

        No App needed

        2.Reminds Users of You - Tap-or-Scan

        Low Cost

        5.Shows You Care - Tap-or-Scan

        Quick to set up

        8.No Monthly Fees - Tap-or-Scan

        iPhone + Android compatible

        3.Useful Meaningful - Tap-or-Scan

        Easy to use

        6.Reusable - Tap-or-Scan


        9.Branded with your logo - Tap-or-Scan

        Branded with Your Logo

        qr scan - Tap-or-Scan

        How / Where could Tap or Scan be used?

        You know how you might see something in the real world and want to find out more, or see it in action… Well our tags help make this possible with a simple Tap or Scan.

        • Table Top to read a Menu in a cafe / restaurant
        • Retail shelf for product information
        • Product to watch videos or see it in action
        • Lamp post for outdoor advertising
        • Printed Brochure to register interest
        • Invitation for personal video message
        • Point of sale to enter a competition
        barcode cellphone close up coded 278430 - Tap-or-Scan

        Lead times: 
        Branded = approx 4-6 weeks (these are custom made units, not retro branded) Un-Branded = approx 7-10 days (subject to stock availability and quantity)

        Minimum Order Quantities:
        Handi SOS is available with minimum orders as low as 200 units if logo branding is required, or as low as just one 4-pack if company branding is not required as an off-the-shelf order. 

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