“Recycle Recycle Recycle Recycle…”

….sings Peppa Pig at the top of her voice whilst helping her family dispose of the rubbish into the recycling bins. If like me, you have young children I imagine you’ve seen this episode of Peppa Pig more than once!
And this got us thinking of how many new and existing customers have been asking us an important question of late…’Is it possible to recycle VideoPaks?’And we’re pleased to confirm the answer is “YES”.

We’ve always understood our customers concerns regarding recycling and we work hard to ensure our products are as eco-friendly as possible without taking away from the engaging and interactive tech in print solution. We select and inspect our production partners very carefully and make sure they use recyclable materials, renewable energy and are eco-aware.

We do offer a free recycling option and/or a free collection of the goods. We also offer an option to re purpose the products. (as stated on our VideoPak website) https://video-brochure.com/recycling-videopaks/

These type of promotional marketing tech-in-print products can and should be recycled at a local recycle centre, just like any other small electronic appliance such as a toothbrush, old phone, hairdryer or tablet). Or they can be sent back to us for re-purposing / recycling and we can do it on your behalf.

A bit of extra information about our video brochures:


– The screens have a read/writable flash memory chip which stores the video. After use, the screens can possibly be re-used to play new videos or photos if the end user has the desire to do so.
– They have an accessible USB port so the screens can be connected to a computer. Seldom do clients lock the videos and often they do promote the possible re-use.
– If ever VideoPaks are sent back to us, we will collate them and donate them to the science/tech departments of local schools who have great use for them for students to work from. So returned units (if not recycled) do often have a second use for serving the purpose of education.

And just a final note, we are members of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive).

You can find your nearest UK recycling centre by entering your postcode HERE

Contact us for Recycling centres in different countries.

Alternatively, if your VideoPak is working perfectly but has finished its job in your hands and its time to say goodbye, you can send it back for re-use:

Recycling Department
c/o FUSE Innovation
Unit 6
Harrovian Business Village
Bessborough Road

Thank you for reading and for visiting our website.