Welcome to the dynamic and interactive world of Jump – the smart sticker or plastic tag that elegantly jumps your customers from physical to digital with a simple tap (NFC) or scan (QR) of their smartphone.

Jump is the ultimate Call-to-Action product – allowing you to digitise anything from a product, a table top, a brochure, a letter or a lamp post.

Why Jump?

Most businesses have products to sell and have a premises, and wish to engage with their important target audience by getting them to their online space.

Well JUMP makes this possible.

There’s an infinite number of products and locations in the big wide world. But how do you get people online to interact quickly and efficiently using their own smart devices? 

With Jump, users can simply Tap or Scan the sticker (or tag) with their smartphone and they will be taken directly to a web page. 

Connecting the physical world (products) to the digital world (online) quickly and easily with low engagement barriers (App’s & complex procedures) has long been considered a holy-grail in selling and those that find the solution increase the chances of walking the royal road to sales & marketing success.

Solutions for contactless engagement are especially useful in today’s world.


Jump QR + NFC makes use of this modern mobile marketing interaction phenomenon by creating interactive elements for consumers.

Through the use of creative  QR codes and NFC technology, business can now create the ultimate call to action.

People can tap or scan the tags with their phones and watch product demonstration videos, receive additional information about the product, enter a competition, or even get a digital coupon allowing them to continue interaction or make a purchase

If business don’t embrace modern technologies or embrace the wrong type (expensive to deploy / complicated for the end user) they risk missing out:

Missing sales opportunities

Missing important opportunities to engage & interact with their target audience

Risk the chance of being overtaken by competitors that do embrace and support connectivity technology

What  Is Jump?



The answer to the Physical-to-Digital divide

Jump, is a product + platform consisting of stickers and tags that are infused with specialised NFC + QR contactless technology.

Each one has a unique ‘Jump Code’ that can be reprogrammed using the simple, yet powerful, Jump Dashboard website.

This clever serialisation means the webpage they launch is changeable. They can be remotely updated and managed by the powerful cloud portal

They be affixed anywhere or to anything to turn “dumb” objects (like a wine bottle) or a location (like a table top) “smart”

QR Sticker
  • Cloud Portal

    The Jump Dashboard is a cloud portal that lets you remotely configure and monitor your Jump codes.

  • Unique URL

    You can change the website address (URL) that each code (or group of codes) launches making Jump stickers and tags reusable and multi-purpose.

  • Real Time

    You can also monitor every tap and scan in real-time using the analytics section of the dashboard allowing you to see the performance of each sticker/ tag.

What Do They Do

When tapped or scanned with a smartphone, the Jump stickers and tags launch a web page allowing you to jump from ‘physical’ to ‘digital’ with no need to download an app (in most cases).

Jump provides users with a direct route to get from a physical product, or item, or or place to its corresponding online web page using their smartphone

They can be programmed to launch any website, app, video, social media page, or custom piece of content.

A new way of discovery:

How / where could they be used to engage and interact?

You know how you might see something in the real world and want to find out more, or see it in action… well our tags help make this possible with a simple Tap or Scan.

How Do They Work


When tapped or scanned, the URL launch is quickly routed via our online portal to capture the interaction for the reporting platform.


Each sticker and tag is serialised and is coded with unique PURLs to the QR code and NFC that both launch the same web page.


The URL can be remotely updated via the online cloud portal which also provides analytics so you can measure the interactivity and performance of the Tap or Scan stickers.

What Makes Jump So Cool

  • Jump stickers and Tags provide an useful leg-up to companies who embrace modern interactive, engaging contactless technology like this

  • It provides companies a cost-effective, quick and easy way for your target audience to interact online with a physical product or location.

  • It solves the problem of the physical digital divide (getting people online), providing a seamless bridge from physical to digital. There is no app to download (for most phones) so low barrier for use. The tech is already built in to most modern day smartphones and ready to use out of the box

  • It uses familiar technology (tap or scan) allowing people to deep-dive online.

Jump stickers + tags + cloud dashboard




Can be easily stuck to anything, indoors or outdoors (metal surfaces require a special finish)

Can be permanent or semi-permanent (removable)

Plastic Tag

Can be affixed to most things. Robust and durable. All weather

Serialised Product

Sticker, NFC, QR have serialised codes for cloud updating

QR code

Easy for iPhone and Android users to scan

NFC tag

Easy for Android and latest iPhone users to tap

App Free

Tech is already built in to most modern day smartphones and ready to use out of the box

Launches URL

Allows users to tap or scan to visit the product web page

Online Portal

Remotely update to the URL via the cloud dashboard


Track the engagement / interactivity of each sticker with the cloud portal dashboard analytics

Low cost

Affordable to deploy in low or high quantities

Familiar technology 

Can be easily used by the vast majority of people with a smartphone

iPhone and Android compatible

Almost all smartphone users can use efficiently

Easy to use

Easy for the end user and the business deploying the sticker to use

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