We help clients deliver their digital content through physical products, and we specialise in high-end, custom-made, tech + print solutions for important marketing and trade communications. Your target audience deserves the best!

Our products and solutions help customers to retain existing business, win new business and impress their audience through engaging experiences that trigger memorable and impressive interactions, evoking nice feelings; a bit like its your birthday, when it’s not.

Tech + Print products will strike a chord with your audience because of their creative, novel and interesting appeal. They are rockstar performers with WOW-FACTOR.

Clients use these solutions when they need their message to be retained without fail creating seminal decision making moments! They work extremely well as Invitations, Launches, Training, Announcements, Welcome-Packs, Promotions, Pitches, Showreels, Press-Releases.

Whether used for Direct Mail, Handouts, Point-of-Sale or Proximity Marketing, our products and solutions work extremely well to grab attention, cut-through the clutter and help make your message stick, like a toasted marshmellow!

We think they’re ‘superstar’ amazing, but, as we don’t like to honk our own horn too loudly, we invite you to see for yourselves.

Securitas Box - Products

Securitas Video Presentation Box – 5″ IPS Screen

Hilton MOTO - Products

Video Presentation Box for Hilton / MOTTO // 7inch HD IPS LCD Screen // Creative 3D Pop-Up, with pull-out drawer // 4 Color Printed with Matt Laminate // Volume wheel on top edge // play-pause button // Micro USB Port // USB Cable // Min Qty 1+ // Price Range $65-$450 USD

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Experts in fusing technology into print & packaging

lcd screens icon 1 - Products

LCD screens

Ranging from small 2.4″ screens up to 10″ LCD screens – HD, IPS, SD, Touch-Screen. Screens for video brochures, presentation boxes and POS.

motion sensors icon 1 - Products

Motion sensors

Using various motion sensors to turn the electronics on or off when motion is detected – either walking in front or picking product up.

audio speakers icon 1 - Products

Audio speakers

Creatively embedding, small, thin, light weight speakers into printed packaging.  The result – loud, punchy sound turned on by sensors.

moving print icon 1 - Products

Moving & Vibrating print

Innovative vibration motors fused into print for a fun buzz once activated.  Or moving printed elements that dance or rotate once turned on.

led Lights icon 1 - Products

LED Lights

Innovative LED lights cleverly fused into print.  Fiber optic light points, simple mono-colour logos, animated LED or diffused light areas.

connectivity icon 1 - Products


Continuing the interaction and engagement via calling technology, NFC, WiFi / Bluetooth / USB connectivity. Fusing the physical & digital worlds.

We have worked with over 1,000 customers. Here are a few:

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Our services stretch far beyond the product itself:

supply chain icon 1 - Products

Supply Chain

Sourcing and managing multiple factories, procuring all components of the finished product in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

mass production icon 1 - Products

Mass Production

Once prototypes are approved, we can mass produce your product, whether just one clone or 1 million duplicates.  Leave it with us!

graphic design icon 1 - Products

Graphic Design

Our in house studio can assist with all the design aspects of your campaign, whether product design, web or print based graphic design.

fulfilment icon 1 - Products


Once we have manufactured your product, we can pull all the components together to get the product ready for final delivery.

product design icon 1 - Products

Product Design

Big, small, square, round, thick, thin – how do you like yours?  We will consult and advise what can and can’t be done in the budget and time.

global delivery icon 1 - Products

Global Delivery

Once your goods are ready, where are they going?  Whether bulk delivery to any where in the world to individual mail outs, we can help.

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