As Elvis once sang ‘out of sight, out of mind so the story goes’ and here at Amstore Innovation these lyrics remind us how important it is to be memorable and distinguished in today’s 1-2-1 marketing world.

When marketers are creating and designing their marketing message, they are determined to ensure that their message is memorable, engaging, interactive and their target audience follow the CTA.

All too often in our busy lives, and thanks to the furious bombardment of marketing messages flying around us all every day, it becomes very easy forget about things that are not bumped up our memory vaults through occasional reminders. Every company’s email message and piece of physical mail is fighting for our attention, to engage with us and ensure their marketing message is remembered and not forgotten.

Royal Mail MarketReach have reported that people remember mail and 60% of respondents say that the best mail advertising keep a sender’s brand top of mind. It activates areas of the brain responsible for long-term memory and had a lasting effect that means recall will be more readily triggered later on.

Physical+Digital Direct Mail can form highly effective and powerful part of any Direct marketing mix because to the multi channel solutions it can provide.

We have designed and created memorable physical and digital marketing products that are perfect to engage and interact with your target audience in targeted marketing campaigns. They are proven creative marketing solutions for many marketing agencies and international brands.  CLICK HERE to view our product inspiration.

By fusing modern technology into conventional print and packaging formats, we have blown the dust off of the old traditional concepts and breathed new life into exciting and impressive formats which will help your marketing message stand out from the crowd, be remembered and stay ‘in mind’.

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