We have come a long way since forming in 2002; and we have seen lots of changes. From our humble beginnings as a UK focused CD & DVD duplicator, to a leading marketing product specialist working with some of the worlds most innovative technologies and companies, our journey has been an adventure.

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Handi SOS – personal safety button

Handi SOS button 1 350x120 - Our History

Introducing the safeguarding gadget designed to save lives. An excellent “branded” corporate gift or branded merchandise

Animated LED and Creative Direct Mail Product Range

LED IN PRINT 350x120 - Our History

Launching an exciting range of innovative products ideal for higher volumes for direct mail fusing creative technology into printed packaging.


wifipak 1 350x120 - Our History

WiFiPak Invented and developed WiFiPak, the worlds first content delivery product fusing Wi-Fi technology into print & packaging.

Live Beacon

live beacon 350x120 - Our History

Set up as the exclusive sales, marketing and fulfillment partner for the worlds most effective and easy to use iBeacon product; leading the way in proximity marketing.

Animated LED Posters, Flash Memory in Print, Solar in Print

solar in print 350x120 - Our History

Pioneered the innovative and creative dancing LED posters into the marketplace.  Worked closely with a China factory to launch Flash-Memory storage USBs fused into print for the first time as a marketing solution.  Introduced promotional solar panels in print.

AudioPak product range

audiopak 350x120 - Our History

Evolved the common audio greeting card concept into new, innovative creative packaging solutions for engaging marketing and communications.

LED in Print & NFC in Print

led in print 350x120 - Our History

Created a new form of innovative marketing with light-up print solutions and became the first company to offer NFC technology fused into print, packaging and other promotional products.

VideoPak Presentation Boxes & VideoPak SliderPaks

presentation boxes sliderpaks 350x120 - Our History

Evolved the video brochure format into the worlds first presentation boxes and leading the way as the worlds most innovative video-in-print company.  Developed the VideoPak slider with patent holder BurgoPak.

VideoPak Video Brochures & DSD Box

dsd videopak 350x120 - Our History

Invented and developed the VideoPak LCD screen video-in-print format as marketing video brochures. Partnered with a Korean company to develop the DSD Box – Digital Screen Display box using proprietary transparent screen technology fused into metal casing.

E-paper & Animated LED Posters

epaper 350x120 - Our History

Became the exclusive UK sales agent for a China based E-Paper specialist, promoting and developing their proprietary solutions. Began developing VideoPak; video brochures with LCD screens fused in.

Digital Key Webkey

digital key 350x120 - Our History

Became the exclusive re-seller and production of the patented USB webkey technology driving sales and innovating concepts.

Custom Shaped USBs + Creative Packaging

custom shaped usb 350x120 - Our History

Pioneered the custom shaped USB and quickly established as Europes largest and most creative bespoke USB provider producing in plastics, wood, metal, bamboo.

USB & SD Card

usb sd cards 350x120 - Our History

Introduced Flash memory products as an evolution of CD & DVD digital storage media. Physical. Digital. Branded. Packaged.

Vinyl + Creative Packaging

vinyl creative packaging 350x120 - Our History

Added Vinyl pressing to the product mix and quickly established as the go-to company for Vinyl production. Cardboard engineering and innovative product packaging.


cd dvd 350x120 - Our History

Established as London’s biggest CD & DVD duplication company.