Marketeers and Brand managers around the world ask themselves this important question on a regular basis “What keeps a customer coming back to a brand”?

So what do buyers love about the brands they purchase? What keeps them loyal and returning for more?

We love interesting.
Interesting is compelling.
Engaging. Exciting. Absorbing.
Entertaining. It holds the attention and curiosity. It can’t be boring…

Engaging, interacting, standing out, creating an impact, enticing your audience….

Call it what you will, however engaging with your target audience first and not waiting for them to find you, is paramount in today’s busy world.

Customer engagement is about focusing on quality over quantity and ensuring that your customers receive clear and relevant content. By communicating with your customers in an exciting and entertaining manner you are sure to hold their attention, gain their curiosity and stand out from the crowd.

Excellent engagement is essential to build trust and educate your customers.
It also creates loyalty and can turn interest into purchase and customers into brand advocates.

Customer engagement requires us to keep as many people engaged as possible and below we have outlined key ways to increase and enhance engagement with your target audience and to hopefully gain and hold their attention.

1) Know where they are

It is important to know and understand your target audience. Your attention should be focused on people who need and want your product or services. How can what you offer enhance the way they work? Where can you best engage and communicate with your target audience? Direct mail, email campaigns, blogs or social media platforms?

2) Know what they want to know

Think about your target audience, do you have an insight into something they are interested in? Can you provide what they are looking for?
Once you find the gap in the market, you need to fill it with valuable and insightful content. If the content you offer your audience is smart and sophisticated they are more likely to see you as a trusted source. By offering something exclusive and different to your competitors, whilst showing real passion about what you specialise in, enables you to connect with your audience emotionally and hold their attention. How can you educate and influence your audience?

3) Know when they want to know

So you’ve found your target audience and know what they need to know, next step is knowing when to engage with them at the right time in the right place. By exploring the interplay between creativity, data and technology you can discover new and exciting ways to engage with your customers. You can also understand how they view your engagement and messages. You must be present when your customers are interacting to avoid missing the perfect opportunity to draw their attention to your product/service.

Getting customer engagement right means drawing customers to your brand and making your brand meaningful to them, and engaged customers are better customers.

Here at Amstore Innovation we help our customers stand out from their competition through the use of interesting and effective physical-digital communication products.
Our experienced team can help you with anything from product creation to global distribution and everything in between.

Effective engagement transforms businesses. If done well, it can place your brand in the hearts and minds of customers. It’s a vital part of all marketer’s toolkits.
To understand how our innovative and engaging marketing communication solutions help many leading brands and agencies communicate their message, please contact our sales team today.