LED in Print

Illuminating Your Message And Your Brand

Creative LED-in-Print technology takes conventional printed products to the next level!

With the addition of sophisticated LED technology our creative solution brings print to life through cleverly pre-programmed animation design.

Having your invites, presentation boxes, hand-outs, brochures creatively illuminated with customised LED technology,  will create attention-grabbing motion that will not fail to catch the eye and impress.

We have been designing and producing Light Up Print for many years and have vast experience and expertise in the technology.

LED Light Up Print Examples

LED In Print – Scrolling Text

Very exciting new way to show a moving message that keeps someones attention for a longer than typical printed products. Lots of different options when it comes to LED-In-Print, ask us how and what we can be done today.

We have developed five different LED Light Up Print styles, with varying price points due to the different technology and assembly complexities involved.

1.  Simple illuminated area

An LED panel that lights up a surface area in one colour.

Produced using acrylic and either printed plastic or printed/die cut card depending on what is needed.

Open cover or press a button to light up a logo or print area.

2.  LED light points (spots, dots, stars)

Carefully placed LED lights or fiber optic light ‘strands’ creatively placed into the print.

Think ‘stars in the sky’… ‘lights on a Christmas tree’

Open cover or press a button to light up a logo or print area.

3.  Scrolling LED message

A pre-programmed LED message panel fused into print to deliver a scrolling/animated message.

Think ‘Twitter in Print’

Open cover or press a button to light up a logo or print area.

4. Moving Illumination (animated motion sequence)

Different areas of the print light up in a pre-programmed sequence to give the feeling of motion, or to draw attention to different areas of the Print at different times.

Open cover or press a button to light up a logo or print area.

5. Presentation boxes

Printed presentation boxes custom made to the size or shape to suit the brief.

Designed to hold products or documents in the base of the box with illuminated areas on the lid or base.

These Light Up Print options can all vary in price depending on:


  • Size of LED coverage. A smaller lit-up area will be lower cost that large surface area coverage.
  • Battery needed – either coin cell (non rechargeable) or LiPo (rechargeable).  Once the coin cell batteries expire, the pack is dead.
  • Size of battery/number of batteries depending on the life expectancy of the product and the frequency of use. For example, one coin cell battery = 30 views then dead.
  • Complexity of the animation. Simple light up logo area in one colour is lower cost that a three colour light up area covering a larger surface in a complicated sequence.

What to think about ahead of your LED light up print project…

1. How many do you need? (Quantity)

2. What is the size of the product you want?

(L x W x D).

3. What style do you want?

– A postcard (2pp)
– A brochure (4pp)
– A Wall Poster
– A Point of Sale unit
– A Presentation Box

4. What exactly on your artwork do you want to illuminate? How big is the illumination area?

Can you send us the artwork to examine and feedback.

What sort of illumination do you want?

– Simple static illumination?
– Animated sequence illumination?
– Multiple light points (spots, dots, stars)?
– Scrolling message?

How do you want your product powered?

-Rechargeable battery with USB port?
-Non-rechargeable with coin cell batteries?

If non-rechargeable batteries, what is the life expectancy of your promotion?  Or how many ‘uses’ do you need to get out of the product? 10? 20? 50? 100?  This will determine how many batteries we put in.

What colour illumination do you want?

Simple 1 colour our multiple colours?