In order to get the best results, make an impression and stand out from the usual mundane marketing communications, it is important to deliver your content in style. You need to create the perfect storm of attention to hold your audience’s attention and ensure they retain your message.

Modern day marketing communications should include Physical AND Digital to achieve and maintain an audience’s attention. Both of these marketing formulas enable you to personally engage and interact with your target audience, increasing brand awareness, connecting on an emotional level and leaving a memorable and long lasting impression.

This may mean stepping away from less conventional marketing solutions and creating content delivery that your competitors could only dream of!.
By uplifting your content delivery from a bog standard ink-on-paper or samey digital comms (email / social media), you will ensure your engaging and interacting with them on a personal level.

Fusing tech in print can creates the perfect marketing solution by whipping up the key features below into a perfect marketing communications tool:

Engaging – to avoid inattentional blindness (the psychological lack of attention) tech in print solutions, such as Digital Key allow information to be delivered in a creative, innovative and engaging manner.

Interactive – Giving, receiving and handling real objects is a deep and insightful part of the human experience. Tech in print solutions, such as VideoPak allows the user to interact with the video message building a stronger and meaningful relationship.

Memorable – By delivering a personal and memorable experience, companies can offer an experience that engages customers and creates attention and loyalty. Tech in print solutions, such as WifiPak and AudioPak achieves this experience with its interactive and engaging characteristics.

Increasing Brand awareness & loyalty – Video brochures excel in there ability in assisting its users in differentiating any brand messages previously seen, with its unique & innovative characteristics.

Triggering Emotional Intensity – many humans have a strong effective memory and can remember the feelings that accompanied an experience in their lifetime.

Here at Fuse Innovation, we believe we are the best destination for the most creative engaging and interactive tech in print products available.
Our extensive library of creative marketing tech + print products includes VideoPak, Live Beacon, WiFiPak, Digital Key, Led-in-Print, Audio-in-print, NFC, DSD Box, CD DVD Vinyl, Custom USBs, ePaper and Solar in Print. Our clients use our solutions when they need their message to be seen and retained.

They work extremely well as Invitations, Product (or service) Launches, Training / Education, Announcements, Welcome-Packs, Promotions, Pitches, Showreels and Press-Releases.

To invest in the best (we have a vast collection of tech in print solutions to suit many budgets) get in touch with our sales team today to create and design your dream marketing content delivery solution!