A small USB Webkey device that is fused into print. When plugged in to a computer it automatically launches your website. It is a physical link to your digital world.


It allows you to communicate with your target audience in an engaging way, that can that can be tracked and analysed via a cloud based backend analytics platform. Each Webkey has a unique ID which means that you can track and provide analytics on each Webkey within a cloud based system, and can even use it to give a personalised experience to the user when they get to the your website.


  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and ideal for mailings or hand outs
  • Can be customized and personalised
  • Each key is unique and can be tracked
  • Available in a standard range or bespoke design
  • Cloud based, backend system for instant reports and analytics
  • Highly engaging format delivering ROI’s as high as 60% in some campaigns
  • Modern, innovative and reusable
  • Cost effective


FUSE Innovation is a production agency specialising in the mass production of innovative products for marketing promotions. Our Physical-Digital engagement products are attention grabbing communication tools that offer multi-channel solutions and maximum interactivity.

Tracking and Analytics for Digital Key are provided by ClickMeter (http://clickmeter.com). 

ClickMeter’s goal is to help marketers take control of their marketing links and maximize their conversion rates. With a portfolio of tools available through a single virtual platform users can monitor, compare and optimize all their links in one place.


We have developed a range of product options to choose from so there is a solution for every requirement and every budget.

  • Printed card range
  • Standard range
  • Custom moulded range
  • Fusion range


Using the Personalised ID of each Digital Key device, it is possible to give the end user a personalised experience. Working with our team of webmasters, it is possible to pair the Digital Keys that are sent out with the visitors that receive them, so that when the visitor plugs the Digital Key into their computer, the website will recognise them (due to the pairing) and personalise their experience. This could be as simple as the greeting “Hello Harry, it was great to see you at the show last week”…. or “Thank you for taking an interest in our product Sarah.”


One further step in the personalisation scenario is where you can download the raw data from the Digital Key analytics dashboard and match the timestamps of the individual Digital Key’s to the names of the people in the database. This means if Harry or Sarah plug in their Digital Key at 10 in the morning, you can generate a report at lunch time and see that they have visited your website. Your sales or customer relations team now know it is a good time to contact Harry or Sarah as their product or service is at the front of their mind.


  • Access to exclusive content
  • Direct Mail
  • Hand Outs /Give-Aways
  • Training / Education
  • Product/Service Promotions
  • Company announcements


There is so much more to Digital Key than just taking the user to a website. All the features and capabilities of the Digital Key are simple, efficient and effective for you to use, and we provide all the support and assistance needed to get the best from your Digital Key campaigns.

We can work with you to manage the full Digital Key promotion from helping with the product design to best suit your brand, product or service, as well as the graphic design, manufacturing of the product and even distributing the individual Digital Key units via direct mail.

Please contact the Digital Key sales team at hello@fuse-innovation.com for more information, case studies, pricing or general Webkey advice.