Handi SOS

Send SOS Text Message And Your Location With The Push Of A Button!

We have partnered with the talented team at Handi Technologies who have developed Handi SOS.

What is Handi SOS?

Handi SOS is a small portable, battery powered bluetooth button and app that pairs with your smartphone.

What does it do?

When the Handi SOS button is pressed, it sends a text message and your Google Maps location to the people you wish to inform that you are in a tight spot; be it lost in the city, in an uncomfortable situation, had an accident on a mountain, badly injured yourself, on a first date that’s gone sideways…

Handi SOS button. A branded tech product that really show people you care.

Handi SOS grass - Handi-SOS
Handi SOS Bag - Handi-SOS
Handi SOS wallet 1 - Handi-SOS

How does it work? 

Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) the little button is paired with your phone that has the Handi SOS app downloaded. When pressed, it sends a signal (up to 50m) to your phone and the app sends out your SOS alert text message to the selected contacts (including emergency service such as the Police if you so wish). These contacts will receive the SMS text message with your location based on the GPS location of your phone. 


Handi SOS button - Handi-SOS

What makes it so cool and why it is the perfect corporate product?

It is a novel, unique and more importantly USEFUL product that really has a positive, value-adding impact in the world. You cannot put a price on the security and well being of the people you care about and this device works when you are in a challenging situation and seconds matter when it comes to alerting your selected contacts quickly and discreetly. 

The app is FREE to use (on going) and once set up, your Handi SOS battery, will last for around 2 YEARS (with a replaceable battery) meaning it has on-going use with NO MONTHLY FEES. 

It can be branded with your logo so is not just a genuinely useful product, but will be a constant reminder of your brand and reinforcing how much you care..

1.Novel Unique - Handi-SOS

Novel / Unique

4.Safeguarding - Handi-SOS


7.Free App - Handi-SOS

Free App

2.Reminds Users of You - Handi-SOS

Reminds Users of You

5.Shows You Care - Handi-SOS

Shows You Care

8.No Monthly Fees - Handi-SOS

No Monthly Fees

3.Useful Meaningful - Handi-SOS

Useful / Meaningful

6.Reusable - Handi-SOS


9.Branded with your logo - Handi-SOS

Branded with Your Logo

Handi SOS wallet - Handi-SOS

Who could use Handi SOS?

Anyone can feel the positive, valuable effect that carrying or owning a Handi SOS button has – from the young to the old, the professional to the sports enthusiast.

– Out on a first date
– Elderly people at home alone
– Kids out and about and out of sight
– Sport enthusiasts in the back of beyond
– High risk out door activities be it road, air, water, mountains
– Anyone with a general desire to feel more secure when out and about. You can carry it wherever you go, or have it strategically placed in your work environment, your home or in your vehicle…

Handi SOS Open Box - Handi-SOS

Lead times: 
Branded = approx 4-6 weeks (these are custom made units, not retro branded) Un-Branded = approx 7-10 days (subject to stock availability and quantity)

Minimum Order Quantities:
Handi SOS is available with minimum orders as low as 200 units if logo branding is required, or as low as just one 4-pack if company branding is not required as an off-the-shelf order. 

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