Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, but don’t be afraid to ask questions as we love educate our clients on all the amazing features of our products. Fuse Innovation has been around since 2002 and has the longest standing record in the industry with adding technology in print.  We have seen the industry change over the years, with lots of different types of re-sellers using the super low end and refurbished electronics, and not knowing the differences.  Education is key to our success and we don’t shy away from the tough questions you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much do Video-in-Print products cost?

The price of Video-in-Print products vary and depend on several factors: screen size, product size / shape, product materials and finish, flash memory size and quantity.

To ensure Video-in-Print products are a affordable marketing tool for all budget sizes, big or small, we have created a family of standard format for Video-in-Print products. Each video brochure in the range has a different screen size and product dimensions, ranging from 2.4” screen business card size, up to 10” screen.

We have standardized the batteries and flash memory used in this Video-in-Print range to simplify the options.
We can produce standard size products or a custom size or shape with custom components. All quotes for all our Video-In-Printed products are quoted on demand and prices are typically valid for 10 days.

What Video formats do Video-In-Print play?

Our Video-In-Print products with the smaller screens (2.4” and 2.8”) run using specialist software. This means you will need to send across the video file for us to convert so they can play properly on your device.  You can send the video file as an AVI, MP4 or MOV however we much prefer working with AVI files so we encourage you to send across in AVI format.

The remainder of our Video-In-Print products with larger screens (4.3” and bigger) have a more sophisticated chip-set meaning they have more ‘intelligence’ than the smaller screens. Therefore you can convert the video files on your own with most standard software or free software online to convert your videos.

We recommend AVI/MP4 files as our source files for all Video-In-Print products.
For more detailed information on how to provide your video files click HERE

Can we change the video at a later date if needed?

Yes this is possible. All our Video-In-Print products works similar to a USB device. Simply connect the Video-In-Print product to your PC computer using the Micro-USB cable provided (or any Android phone cable) to access the flash memory of the Video-In-Print product.

Open the ‘Video’ folder to delete or replace old videos with new videos. These new videos must be in the correct format. To ensure your video files are in the correct format please click HERE

How long does it take to produce your Video-In-Print products?

This varies depending on the quantity of product you are going to be ordering. However, for an order produced in the UK of less than 200 units the lead time is approximately 7-12 days + delivery in some cases. For an order produced in our China Factory of 50 units or more, the lead time is approximately 2-4 weeks, as it really depends on the product and qty.

We base our lead times on your approval of PDFs ready for printing, having your video(s) ready to load, and having your order deposit of 50% before production starts. Delays in production assets and deposit can cause delays to production timelines.

Do your Video-In-Print products play sound as well as the video?

Yes, all of the Video-In-Print product range have built in speakers enabling the product to play back sound in addition to the video. We also have just Audio Cards if that is something of interest to you.

How many Videos can I put on to my Video-In-Print Products?

A majority of our clients opt to use between 1-4 videos on their Video-In-Print product, however the software has the ability to play back many more (depending of Flash Memory storage size).

A standard feature of our Video-In-Print product is the using of DVD controller type button set up with PLAY, PAUSE, NEXT, PREVIOUS, VOLUME+ and VOLUME-. This enables the user to navigate through multiple videos if necessary.

Example if you have a 4.3″ LCD screen with 256mb flash, you would have approx 20 mins of video on that product.  If you had a 7″ LCD screen with 256mb Flash, you would have approx 9 mins of total video time if converted properly. 

Does our Products come with a warranty?

We offer a 6 month manufacturers warranty on each Video-In-Print product, which covers factory errors. Please note this does not cover mishandling of the goods once delivered to the end client.  All our Video-In-Print products are subject to vigorous quality control checks and every unit is tested before it is shipped out to you.

Are your Video-In-Print products re-chargeable?

Yes. All our Video-In-Print products contain re-chargeable batteries. Each Video-In-Print product comes with its own small USB cable and micro USB Port on the device. This can be used for charging the Video-In-Print product as well as accessing changing the video on the device. Simply connect one end to the Video-In-Print product and the other to your PC computer to have full access to the flash drive on each product.

What are the shipping costs for Video-In-Print products?

Video-In-Print products shipping costs vary depending on several factors. These include the size and weight of the consignment and this is calculated from the size/weight of the Video-In-Print product, the quantity of Video-In-Print product and the number of shipping boxes.

We also take into consideration where in the world we are delivering to, each city and country has different delivery tariffs.
Finally the delivery service we deliver your order on whether that be Economy or Priority/Express, the latter being more expensive.

When we are provide you with a quote for your Video-In-Print product order , we will advise you of the shipping costs based on these factors and at that time so you have no surprises of costs at the end of the order.

Can I change the size and shape of my Product?

Yes, if you desire to work with us to develop a customized sized Video-In-Print product, we offer a range of screen, button & product sized configurations. Sky is the limit with this as we love to customize Video-In-Printed products.  We typically have a  minimum order of 100 units for really crazy customized units, however this we can nail down in our conversations.

We also strongly recommend that an initial sample/prototype of the customized product and approved prior to the full mass production run. This does take some extra time, however its always nice to ensure perfection.