Electronic Paper (E-paper)

By FUSE Innovation

E-Paper provides a creative physical-digital solution for long lasting, portable, animated promotions.  The product allows you to position the product in places where it was once thought impossible or impractical.

About e-paper

What is e-paper?

Electronic Paper is an enhancement to regular print. It fuses electronic technology with print to offer an attention grabbing and innovative form of digital display.  It is designed to help you stand out and get noticed by drawing attention to the eye.

WHY USE e-paper?

It is difficult to stand out and get noticed in today’s world of high competition and fast evolving technology. E-paper is a portable, wireless and light weight solution that creatively animates conventional print, making it look ‘alive’.  The result is an eye catching proposition that will help your product stand out.

How it works:

A printed overlay is placed over an e-paper display sheet.  When combined, the print and technology work together to bring the product to life. Small ‘coin’ batteries are built into the electronic PCB that programs and powers the units.

Features of e-paper

  1. Flexible, durable / shatterproof
  2. Self powering – internal batteries means it doesn’t require an external power source
  3. Long lasting – often up to 12 months
  4. Custom or standard shaped – so it can be designed to suit the location and product requirements
  5. Cost effective
  6. Small and compact so can be efficiently placed in difficult locations

Benefits of using e-paper
No Wires- Battery or Solar Powered
Paper-Thin: Light Weight, & Flexible
Crystal Clear Display – No Blurry Images
Very Low Power Consumption – 2 AA Batteries can last 6 months
Water Proof & Shock Proof – No Glass (like an LCD)
No Heat – Cool Running
Attracts More Attention
E-paper for retail / shelf promotion
E-paper – Product display / Product promotion

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