What is a CUSTOM USB?

A USB flash drive that is specifically designed and manufactured in a shape that best demonstrates your brand, product or service.


They can be provided blank or pre-loaded with relevant information that can help to market your business.


USBs deliver long term advertising opportunities. With their higher perceived value and widespread use, clients keep and re-use them.

Because it’s a USB in a custom shaped for you and you only, it will promote your company and remind people of your product or service time after time.

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We have developed an extremely cost effective process for the creation of custom design USB flash drives. 

This has expanded the possibilities for product and brand managers. 

For example a battery manufacturer can have a battery shape as the USB, a transport company one of its vehicles, or a drinks manufacturer, its drinks bottle.

Process & Timings

We can deliver 3D visuals of your prospective project in 24-48 hours.
From client approval we then produce product drawings and move to final production

Casing materials for Custom

Various materials are available depending on the USB design and volume requirements.

• Silicon*

• ABS plastic*


• Mixed Polymer hard plastic

• Epoxy resin (Doming stickers)

• Metal*

• Wood*

* Longer lead time due to tooling requirements

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