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Customized Video Brochures

Customized Video Boxes

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Compact Video Business Cards

Custom Video Packaging

Digital Key USB Webkey

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Video Brochures

There isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to FUSING LCD video screens into print and packaging. Thats what you would expect from a market leader.

Tiny ones (like a business card, with a 2.4″ LCD screen)
Big ones (10.1″ LCD screens)
Hard Cover (like a keep sake video book)
Video Boxes (for product presentation or product launches)
Video Point of Sale (interactive content delivery)

We produce the best quality products, with fast lead times and amazingly low prices.

Live Beacon

Transmitting web content to nearby smart devices up to 100 feet away.

Live Beacon consists of:

1. The beacons (that transmit the content)
2. The free app (that receives the beacon content)
3. The cloud portal (that updates the beacon content)

LED in Print

Bring print and packaging to life with animated LED.

We can light up:

  • Logo’s
  • Short animated messages
  • Even light up the entire inner section of a presentation box.

    LEDs can automatically illuminate on opening, or, press the button.  Watch the phone change colours, its just magic!

USB in Print

Fusing USBs into printed brochures, for a novel, engaging and interactive way to deliver digital content – perfect for Direct Mail, Invitations, Handouts and Give Aways.

  1. USB with storage capacity for digital content stored locally on the USB.
  2. Website launching USB Webkeys (no storage capacity) complete with tracking and analytics.

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