Getting to Know Fuse Innovation

So you want to know a bit about how we work and how we are set up.



Great.  We feel the connection too….

“We Fuse Digital Technology Into Physical Products”

Fuse Innovation is the company behind some of some of the latest and greatest tech-in-print products around you may have seen or heard of.  We create cool products that companies use for marketing communications that leave a memorable experience with everyone that interacts with them.

These products are often used as premium invitations, direct mail, hand outs, training, education, pitches, showreels and more….

Our products help our clients to interact and engage with their important audience because they are cool, unique and impressive.

To help you understand a little about how we are set up, think for a moment about Apple Inc.

Apple is a company that sells lots of different products.

Each product serves a different purpose.

 And there are apple products to suit most budgets whether low or high.

Well, this is a bit like us…

Our set up is similar but for creative B2B marketing products.

We design our own products – what they look like, how they function, how they feel. The entire process start to finish.

We have approved factory’s manufacture our products on our behalf (for our clients). 

Many of our innovations are our own proprietary designs (patented or registered designs). They exclusive for our clients.

We have a wide variety of products that serve totally different purposes in terms of how they interact, what they do and how they are received by end user.

We have a vast range of price points from $0.50 per unit, right the way up to $1000 per unit.

Each product has a variety of different styles and price points to help meet budget and use case requirements.

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