Many of us business owners and salespeople are stuck in the first stage of grief: denial. But it’s true. Cold calling is ancient history. Most salespeople have already moved on to new approaches so it’s about time that everyone else did too.

What happened to the good old fashioned Cold Call?
A client or prospect’s time is precious. Between their meetings, countless emails and chasing business objectives, they have little inclination to listen to pushy sales pitches shoving unwanted information down your ear and cornering you with their boxing like sales skills to get you to accept a meeting date… “would you prefer 10am or 11am”.   Sound familiar?

The landscape has changed. No one cares to have their work flow interrupted or have their time wasted by irritating sales calls.  After all, if you wanted or needed what the pushy sales person had to offer, wouldn’t you have called them or have it already? The balance of power has shifted and the internet has changed how we buy and sell – FOREVER. There will be no going back.

So, whats next?
Without cold calling, how on earth are we to do the following?
● Win new business from new prospects
● Win more business from existing clients
● Win back clients that have disappeared

There’s a simple answer: We modernise. Power up that sales pitch of yours and get a major boost in business. Here’s how…

The modern salesperson and marketing team:
There are essential sales and marketing skills that every modern day salesperson should exercise and practise. The skills below will ensure your sales team is forever evolving and successful in achieving their sales targets.

Experience – learning from both positive and challenging actions can hone your sales skills.
Curiosity – knowing and understanding your market and product to become a market expert in your field.
Expertise – knowing what you’re talking about and being a knowledgeable advisor.
Confidence – a must for all salespeople. It is important, however, to step away from big egos and focus on true confidence backed by facts and research.
Emotional intelligence – modern sales people choose listening over talking, getting to know their clients and establishing a sincere relationship.

The modern sales arsenal
At Amstore Innovation, we create innovative and engaging marketing products that are replacing the no-longer effective COLD CALL.

Each product is far less intrusive and far more effective than cold calling. They create impact and will stimulate a hard-to-achieve level of interaction with your target audience in a personal and engaging manner and can be delivered directly into the hands and minds of your prospects..

VideoPak fuses LCD screen technology into print and packaging to give the recipient a stylish, engaging, memorable and multi-sensory experience.
Digital Key uses trackable unique ID codes that allow access to a cloud-based reporting system, so you can see when your target audience launches your website.

These products fuse digital and physical print to leave a lasting impression. They can help you measure every interaction, giving you cost-effective ways to engage and interact.

You can also ensure you’re focusing on the right prospects rather than spending time chasing your tail with uninterested clients and prospects.. Simply set call-to-actions to measure engagement and respond to interest.

– Digital content is quick to absorb, easy to read and ideal for delivering informal communications.
– Physical mail grabs our attention and allows us to communicate and engage on a deeper level.
– Combining both physical and digital techniques will enable you to connect with your audience on the emotional level that is necessary to make sales in today’s world.

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Cold calling is a thing of the past. To drastically improve your sales and marketing overnight, you can use these innovative marketing products in your next marketing campaign.

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