We thought we’d spell it out loud and clear as to not confuse you with our long standing innovative and impressive marketing tool VideoPak :0)

So AudioPak, firstly let me introduce you to our tried and tested marketing format brought to you by Amstore Innovation.

This creative marketing product fuses physical print / packaging with fun and engaging audio speaker technology to deliver an impactful result in the hand.

You can open a printed brochure or presentation box and have an audio message immediately play – be it a spoken message, a piece of music or a sound clip relevant to your product or brand.

Our audio technology is comprised of super slim, yet high quality components (speakers, PCB and sensors) that can be discreetly fused into slim-line brochures or creative presentation packaging.

AudioPak can help you and your message stand out and be remembered.

For more information on our audio print brochures please contact the Amstore Innovation Sales Team today.