Audio In Print

Now that’s quality audio!

Audio cards are once of those types of cards that never get old, and will always get the attention of your audience. 

Engage Your Customers With Audio-In-Print

We have all experienced the feeling of un-inspiring Direct Mail communications arriving through the letterbox or landing on your desk – leaflets, brochures or letters.

The same old conventional, rather unimaginative attempts to sell or promote a company, a product or a service.

These poor prints, whilst they may get glanced at, will almost certainly work their way into the bin pretty quickly without much thought.

Only the perfectly timed, extremely relevant brochures will earn the ‘hard-to-achieve’ retention spot on a desk or drawer or bag.  However this is not always an easy task to achieve within the world of marketing.

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Stand Out.  Be Remembered.

Competing for this retention spot on the desk of a customer or prospective client can be a challenging task.

QUESTION: “How is it achieved?”  What can you do to add value to your communication and have your marketing communication ‘retained’ rather than discarded?

ANSWER: Being unique can set you apart!

What better way than to deliver a handout or direct mail piece that helps you achieve a result that your competitors did not manage to achieve?  A marketing communication solution that captures the attention of your target audience that is engaging, interactive and memorable! A printed product that will not get tossed in the bin?

Product Options

While our Audio-In-Print technology can be fused into pretty much any printed format and creative packaging (big or small), the more popular uses tend to be 4pp printed brochures or rigid-board presentation boxes.

Just open the cover or lift the lid, and the audio message begins to play. Close the lid / cover to silence the audio in print message. Audio cards are very popular and very cost effective for most projects.












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What is Audio-In-Print?

Audio-In-Print is a creative marketing solution brought to you by Fuse Innovation.  It fuses physical print / packaging, with modern, innovative audio speaker technology to deliver an impactful result in that will stand out in your hands.

This can be fused into a printed brochure of any many sizes or even in a presentation box. These products would have an audio message immediately play –  be it a spoken message, a piece of music or a sound clip relevant to your product or brand.

Our audio technology is comprised of super slim, yet high quality components (speakers, PCB and sensors) that can be discreetly fused into slim-line brochures or creative presentation packaging.

Why Audio-In-Print?

Our audio-in-print brochures and presentation box packaging will help give you a competitive edge and help your message stand out and be remembered.

The added value of the speaker technology and the multi-sensory impact it delivers, will help achieve significantly higher product retention and ROI result compared to traditional, print-only brochures and boxes.

Well thought out campaigns with great branding and a corresponding audio will not fail to make people smile and earn its retention spot on the desk!

Pricing And Lead Times

For pricing and information, please get in touch to get a closer budget price.  Just Call, email or fill out the form. We would love to hear from you.

  • We offer low minimum qty’s – from as few as 100 units
  • Quick turn arounds – as fast as 10 days
  • Customized solutions – based on your own concepts or designs
  • Our own range of off-the-shelf products – ready to go with quick lead times


When trying to figure out the cost of a AUDIO-IN-PRINT product you will need to consider the following items and we will work with you to answer all the below questions via email or on a phone call what ever is easier for you.  These are some starting points for you to take note on when putting together your project.


You can make this the size of the Audio Brochure, Audio Card or Audio Box/Package any size you like as long as the electronics fit into the printed package.  We have many customers go with a standard size card such as a 5″ x 7″ or 6″ x 9″ like your standard birthday card.  We also have people present this amazing technology in a custom sized Audio Box with some give aways or swag items in the tray of the box. Lots of options to chose from.


You can choose from different lengths of audio message, however most people are approx 45 secs or less. This part is totally up to you and your marketing campaign. This part also drives the size of the battery and how many plays you will need on the audio-in-print product.


Many of the AUDIO-IN-PRINT PRODUCTS we produce are printed CMYK with a matte or non scuff lamination. We add multiple different finishes together like Foil Stamping and Spot UV together all the time, get creative and standout from your competitors.  Here is a short list of specialist material and finish we use all the time with all our products:

  • Non Scuff Lamination
  • Black Kraft board or un-coated stock
  • Foil stamping
  • Spot varnish (Spot UV)
  • Pantone colours (including metallic)
  • Emboss / de-boss
  • Raised Varnish.
  • Personalized text / variable date


  • Magnet Trigger: Open the lid and the video plays automatically.
  • Paper Trigger : Open lid and the audio message starts automatically.

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