Promotional gifts are fantastic for many reasons. They can contribute to a brand’s marketing campaign by increasing brand awareness, providing free advertising and reminding your clients that you care, whilst boosting brand loyalty.

Pens, mouse mats, notepads and stress balls aplenty, however are your clients drawers full of these popular yet samey promotional gifts?
Then make way for a super unique, useful and lifesaving promotional giveaway that will be sure to stand out.

Welcome Handi SOS! Panic Button. Distress button. Emergency button. Call it what you wish, Handi SOS is the little safety button invented to help protect loved ones if they get into trouble.

Handi SOS is a personal safeguarding device. It’s a small, battery powered bluetooth button and app that pairs with your smartphone. When the button is pressed it sends a text message AND your Google Maps location to the people you wish to inform you need help and tell them exactly where you are. The app allows you to have up to 5 emergency contacts saved, of which you can turn individual contacts on/off as you wish.You can send to your husband, wife, partner, friends, family members…. and even directly to the Police.
Imagine you or a loved one are in distress and need to alert people for help quickly, discreetly and automatically – Handi SOS is designed to help save lives.

With no monthly fees or yearly subscriptions, Handi SOS is an affordable and simple form of protection. Handi SOS can be branded with your logo making it a useful, innovative and reusable branded product. It can also be packaged based on your requirements (design and style).

Handi SOS is a perfect promotional giveaway. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to a memorable, useful and thoughtful corporate gift.It is affordable with economy of scale price points (the more you order the lower the unit price).

As a safeguarding product it will show and remind recipients that you are a brand that really ‘cares’.

To ensure you’re gifting with the promotional gift that keeps on giving and that isn’t banished to a drawer, contact us today to order your branded Handi SOS buttons.