Direct mail is an engaging and highly targeted marketing solution that can reach your target audience on a personal level whilst showing them you value them.

See 7 key reasons why including direct mail in your marketing campaign is essential.

1) Direct Mail Stands Out

Many people still love to receive direct mail and look forward to checking their mail each morning. Seeing a creative and unique piece with bespoke print and packaging can entice your audience to instantly want to open the mail to see what’s inside.

2) Direct Mail is Tangible

Direct mail gives people something to hold onto in the hugely digital era we find ourselves in. Allowing our audience to touch, open and experience a piece of mail allows them a personal experience. The Private Life of Mail research from Market Reach, showed that people value something 24% more that they can see and touch over something they can just see.

3) Direct Mail Lasts Longer

Direct mail stays in the home for up to 17 days and is passed to an average of 2 people. (Source Mailmen).
Unlike digital mail, direct mail typically stays in households longer once its been received which can lead to an increased audience reading and engaging with the mail.

4) People act upon reading Direct Mail

Direct mail can drive consumer value, encouraging your target audience to engage with your brand. Market Reach study ‘Discover Why People Value Mail’, showed 42% respondents of the study took direct action as a result of receiving the mail and went ahead with purchase.

5) Direct Mail has Great Levels of Engagement

People can interact and engage with direct mail because it is right in front of them.
The Private Life of Mail research from Market Reach, showed 48% of respondents said valued mail made them feel that the organisation understood what they’re were interested in or what was relevant to them.

6) Direct Mail is More Personal

Direct mail can deliver a marketing message designed specifically for your target audience. Whilst connecting with them on a personal level it can make them feel more special. Direct mail can create feelings of happiness, joy and excitement. The Market Reach study ‘Discover Why People Value Mail’, showed than a wide range of feelings were attached to direct mail, with 20% of respondents associated 9 or more emotional responses to the item.

7) Direct Mail is Highly Targeted

Direct mail marketing is very effective in that it can be targeted to households and individuals within certain criteria such as age, location and by interest.
By knowing and understanding the criteria of your target audience you can ensure your direct mail content will be delivered into the right hands.

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