Video marketing is a powerful form of digital marketing that can help grow your business. Many businesses and brands find fresh and innovative ways to use video marketing to engage with their target audience on a personal level. Once you have engaged with a customer, you have gained their trust.

If your videos are engaging, interactive, persuasive, entertaining and memorable it is more likely your target audience will buy into your brand, products/services.

If you’re successful in engaging and interacting with your audience they will remember you, if you’re successful at persuading them that your product will help them and solve their problem they will likely buy from you and if you’re successful at entertaining with your video content it is likely your audience will keep any eye out for your other videos.

So, how can you ensure video marketing will work for your next campaign?

1) Know Your Objectives

Be clear what you wish to achieve with your video content marketing strategy. Do you want to focus attention to your products and services? Use an explainer
video to instruct someone? Or invite your target audience to an exclusive event? Is increasing brand awareness your top priority?
Whatever it is that you wish to achieve from your videos, take the time to determine your goals.

2) Consider Your Audience

Whilst designing your marketing strategy consider who your target audience is. By doing this you will ensure your video is relevant to and reaches
the right clientele. Video marketing is the perfect opportunity to get creative and reach your audience in new, innovative ways.

3) Call To Action (CTA)

It is imperative that you include a call to action. No matter how well produced your video is, you won’t achieve your desired results unless you include a
clear and compelling call to action. Consider what you want people to do once they have finished viewing your video….
Delivering the right video marketing message at the right time, to the right audience, is important for any marketer looking for a memorable engagement.

4) Use Excellent Narrative

Ensure your storyline and story telling ability are both strong and memorable. A good storyline can hold your audience’s attention and educate them about why they need your products and how your products will solve their problems. Creative storytelling will enable them to engage with your brand, follow your story and build a trusting relationship.

5) Keep it Short

Keep it clear, concise and SHORT! Start with your key messages, a success story about how your products have helped customers and how your audience can get in touch.

Video Marketing gives you a unique opportunity to connect with your target audience, existing clients and new prospects.

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