We make cool marketing products that will help you engage creatively with your target audience.

Our products are hard-hitting, powerful marketing communication tools that will drive engagement and  help you interact with your important customers and prospects. We will physically put your company message into their hands helping you stand out, be remembered and get results.

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Our passion is getting your important company message seen, heard, read and remembered.

If you are fed up wasting time and money on marketing and lead generation that doesn’t work and you want better results from your sales and marketing communications, you need to supercharge your messages with tech-infused,  physical creative marketing products.

Cut through.  Be remembered. Stand out. Drive engagement;  with impactful, heavyweight, interactive marketing solutions. you 

Our engaging products help ensure your important direct marketing message…

Cuts through the clutter

Cuts through the noise

Is seen, held, heard, read

Is remembered

Stays ahead of your competition

Makes your audience feel special

Is effective & delivers ROI

Helps you win & retain customers

Powerful Communication Products That Work!

Nobody wants to see poor results from weak marketing strategies that waste time, effort, money and simply do not work! They don’t get the message through… aren’t memorable or impactful… don’t deliver results, or generate leads or sales. It is infuriating and we see it all the time! Ineffective marketing is our enemy!

We help prevent poor results from weak Direct Marketing solutions.

If you want your important message delivered powerfully to your important contacts, you can’t use weak, boring techniques. You need to embrace solutions that are effective, engaging, impactful and memorable in order to create new business opportunities.

Let us share our tech-in-print creative marketing product knowledge with you… 

How we help….

Helping Build Brands And Increase Sales


We thrive on a challenge and when YouTube needed a creative product that really pushed the boundaries, our ears pricked up. YouTube wanted a bespoke sized VideoPak unit with multiple pages, multiple sensors and precision die cut windows. So this first-of-its-kind video brochure posed such a challenge. The aim was to promote their new marketing campaign based on their four key revenue channels. The campaign was created to maximise client sponsorship from key creators on Youtube.

Fuse Innovation - YouTube Video Brochure
Digital Key USB in print

A Tough Task Calls For Innovative Solutions



How do you connect directly to 2000 dental professionals to get real response rates and measured results? Simple – with our innovative Digital Key (USB in print) with personalised print and real time analytics.

After being approached by Stockdale Martin with this challenge we discussed the campaign and their challenges to engage with dental & hygienist professionals to encourage the trial of their new Sonicare Electric toothbrush range.

Crafted British Luxury


To celebrate the opening of the Kingsman MR PORTER​ store in St. James ​(London) ​alongside the launch of ​the year’s blockbuster movie The Golden Circle, we were approached​ by the team at M​R PORTER​ to provide a hand crafted interactive invite for the combined launch event.

We have worked closely with the talented chaps at M​R PORTER over the past few years to help showcase their new ranges to worldwide press using innovative, beautifully packaged video brochures.

Kingsman VIdeoPak - luxury invite

Enticing Tech Designed To Tantalise



As one of the first event specific IT companies in the UK, noba was created to service the demand for high quality event Wi-Fi, live streaming and bespoke software solutions in the live event sector.

As a Wi-Fi specialist Noba’s first choice was to use our WiFiPak product to impress important prospects and help win new business at an event.

Tasty Crumble Cookies Meets LCD Screen Tech


Working closely with Omobono, the global creative and technology agency for business brands, we were tasked to create something visually wonderful for a high end corporate communication campaign. Accenture wanted to announce the introduction of their new services and their partnership with Salesforce. The campaign (and the product itself) would also serve as an invitation to a prestigious upcoming event.

VideoPak Presentation Box
Custom shaped USB

Futuristic Products From Outer Space


When Paramount were looking for a brand new concept for delivering blockbuster movie content to consumers, they came knocking on our door. They needed something totally new. So new in fact, it was as though it was from the future (or perhaps from outer space). After all, they were looking fresh, innovative ways to deliver two of the most eagerly awaited, action-packed franchise movies of the year – Star Trek and Transformers. The DVD format was waning and consumers were wanting something new.

Montego Pet Foods Golden Opportunities



“There are times when Golden Opportunities land in your lap!”

This was the tagline adorning the Montego pet foods Audio Presentation Box, produced in partnership with The Neighbourhood, South Africa’s premier advertising agency. And that summed up our working relationship and the finished product.

Audio Presentation Box

Brain-popping Experience Zapped Together Futuristic Tech


Dreamthinkspeak are leading creators of site-responsive performances, where the audience walks through the production as opposed to it happening on a stage. The company has been a pioneer of such such work in the UK and around the world. They needed the services of a leading tech-company with knowledge and experience in iBeacon products to help bring their experience to life.

A Creative Spark of Marketing Genius That Inspires Truly Exceptional Work


We were asked by the DMA to be their creative fulfillment partner to help them produce their Judges welcome-packs for their prestigious DMA awards. Working closely with the creative folk at the DMA, the end result was a creatively designed, bespoke direct mail pack that packed a thought provoking spark!

Custom made VideoPak box for DMA
VideoPak presentation box-min

Car Technology For Your Hair


Car Technology For Your Hair?  Excuse me?  It refers to Filloxane, a product developed to seal windscreens in cars. Its a silica like gel that fills in the gaps in damaged hair.  New York company Base Beauty, an omni-channel creative agency dedicated to the beauty and wellness industries, approached us to help design and produce a stylish bespoke package to promote a new hair care range from L’Oreal Paris.